Best Locations for an Engagement Photoshoot in Miami

May 22, 2022

Kristelle Boulos


When people think of Miami, the first thing that comes to mind is beaches. Maybe some rollerblading in ocean-side walkways, amid the palm trees. So, engagement photoshoots in Miami should be at the beach, right? Not so fast. While those are definitely very Miami features, it’s important to note that the South Florida area has much more to offer! So why limit yourself?

Many places are beautiful, but the location for your engagement photoshoot should be thoughtfully selected. In order to make your love blossom in front of the camera, pick somewhere that has meaning to you and your partner. This will help you connect and be truly in the moment.

With that in mind, a few things to note:

  • A location that suits your personality.

    If you’re a fun, laid back, and adventurous couple, a beach, park, or in-home engagement session would be great. Maybe you’re an edgy, artistic, and alternative couple. In that case, an urban shoot is a no-brainer! If you’re more of a formal couple looking for timeless classic portraits, then a historic park or museum might be the best fit.

  • A location that means something to you.

    I highly recommend not going after epic “Instagrammable” backdrops that don’t really have personal meaning to you or your partner; instead, select a place with significance. This, of course, means different things to different people: Perhaps it’s your home, or the bar where you met. Maybe it’s your grandparents’ backyard, or that bakery you go to every Sunday. Your favorite beach or mountain on planet Earth… All’s fair so long as it has meaning to you.

  • Select outfits that are in harmony with the location.

    As a rule of thumb, make sure that what you are wearing fits with the location. If you’re at the beach, skip the high heels and statement jewelry; if you’re at Vizcaya, go for a dramatic dress, a button-down and some nice slacks. Exceptions can be made if we are going for a bold, edgy, creative photoshoot with a wild contrasty concept (which I would be happy to assist you with!).

Keep reading for a list of location options around engagement photoshoots in Miami. I’ve paired them with photos taken there for inspiration!


South Pointe Park, Miami Beach

The location: Beach views, a pier, rocks, winding paths that cut through tall grass, rolling dunes, and interesting hills.

The time: This location is open from sunrise to sunset. I recommend going there on a weekday, and preferably at sunrise to avoid crowds and have more privacy for your session. 

Fees: Parking is free until 8am.

Miami Beach South Pointe Park Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos

Crandon Park, Key Biscayne

The location: Here, you’ll find beach views with an adjacent forest flush with large trees, lakes, interesting flora, and even peacocks! The beach is particularly captivating because it has clusters of palm trees interspersed with dunes of tall grass, making it stand out from the typical “naked” sand beaches you see in South Florida. 

The time: The park is open from sunrise to sunset, but keep in mind that at sunrise there will be tracks from the sand compression trucks, which doesn’t look very natural in pictures. I recommend going there on a weekday, at sunset. 

Fees: Flat fee of $5. 

Key Biscayne Crandon Park Florida Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos

Bill Bags Cape State Park, Key Biscayne

The location: The lighthouse at this park is the oldest structure in Miami! This park has a lot to offer: beach, rolling dunes, tall grass, lots of palm trees, seaside trails through a forest, rocks, etc.

The time: It’s open daily from 8am to sunset. I recommend shooting around sunset.

Fees: Parking is $8 per vehicle (2-8 people). See more admissions fees here

Key Biscayne Bill Baggs Florida Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos


Sailboat / Yacht

The location(s): Open sea! This is an option if you’re looking for an exclusive experience and want your photos taken from the privacy of a sailboat or yacht. If you don’t have access to a boat, you can rent one for the session.

Here are some rental options to consider:

Yacht Miami Florida Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos


Kendall Indian Hammock, Kendall

The location: A hidden gem! This venue is pretty big and easy to get lost in; you’ll forget you’re in the city. It has thick, tropical foliage with plants that cover the ground and even the tree trunks—it feels like an enchanted forest. 

The time: My recommendation is to go close to sunset (although keep in mind that with the thick foliage it might get dark quicker). Weekday or weekend works, as I’ve rarely seen large crowds on weekends.

Fees: Free parking!

Kendall Indian Hammock Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos

Tree Tops Park, Davie

The location: A picturesque landscape that includes groves of aged live oak trees and its signature wooden tree house structure. You’ll find a variety of backdrops, from thick forests to large clearings, and even lakes.

The time: It is open daily from 8am to 7:30pm. I recommend shooting there around sunset.

Fees: $1.50 per person 

Tree Tops Park by Kristelle Boulos

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden 

The location: This is the most beautiful botanic garden you can find in Miami. It’s big and it has a wide variety of plants, such as ferns, orchids, palm trees, oak trees, and many more. You’ll also find lakes, waterfalls, fountains, bridges, trellises, and rustic architecture. My favorite part is the “rainforest” mist-filled area, which has shade and water-loving plants. The light percolating through the mist is exquisite and unique. 

The time: It is open daily from 10am to 4pm. If you happen to be a member, we can go on Tuesdays at 7am. 

Fees: A permit is $100 for 3 people (including the photographer). See more here.

Fairchild Botanic Garden Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos


Downtown Miami Rooftops

The location(s): If you’re feeling an urban vibe, definitely opt for the setting of a downtown Miami rooftop for your shoot. You can look for buildings with rooftop parking on Google maps, and go up there! The cool thing about it is that you can see tall buildings all around, and it looks different than your typical Miami beach scene. 

The time: Up to you! Think of what light you want in the urban backdrop. Maybe it’s the orange glow of a sunrise/sunset on buildings, or the sprawling, colorful night lights from neighboring balconies and windows.

Fees: Parking is typically between $7 and $15 for an hour. Alternatively, park on the street and head up there just for the photoshoot.

Miami Rooftop Downtown Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos

Wynwood Art District

The location: If you have an artistic vibe, you’ll definitely want to consider the Wynwood Art District. A graffiti outdoor museum in which each mural is more beautiful than the other. The best part is that a lot of the artwork is ephemeral, so you’ll always see something new!

The time: Because of its popularity, Wynwood is typically crowded, especially on weekends. I recommend going there on a weekday at sunrise, before the streets fill up with cars. 

Fees: Metered street parking.

Wynwood Miami Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos

Calle Ocho, Little Havana

The location: If you’re looking for the specific Latin American art deco sizzle, you can’t get much more urban Miami than Little Havana. Colorful street life and nightlife, Cuban restaurants, cigars, dominos… you get the gist.

The time: This bustling urban area is going at all times; schedule your session considering what you’d like to see around you—the urban area waking up, the weekend hustle, or the night.  

Fees: Metered street parking.

Calle Ocho Miami Vintage Car Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos

Marina Stadium, Key Biscayne

The location: Abandoned Miami Stadium with a pretty private narrow beach with a view on the Miami Downtown skyline.

The time: I recommend shooting around sunrise or sunset.

Fees: Free parking

Miami night beach skyline Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos
Miami Abandoned Marina Stadium Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos


Markham Park 

The location: If you want photos that look like they’re taken in a temperate climate, this venue is great for that! It has lakes, pine trees, dry grass, and forests. No one will ever believe your photos were taken in South Florida. Adrian and I did our trash-the-dress session there with Dani Parada and had such a great time! The photos turned out gorgeous.**

The time: It is open daily from 8am to 6pm. I recommend going there around sunset. 

Fees: $1.50 per person on weekends and holidays.

**PS: I highly recommend doing a post-wedding photoshoot in which you get to wear your dress once more and take more intimate photos in a different location than your engagement/wedding venue.

Markham Park Engagement Photoshoot
Photo by Dani Parada

Miramar Pineland Park

The location: With winding forest-like trails, lush tall trees, bogs, and bridges, this park doesn’t look like your typical Miami landscape.  

The time: It is open daily from 8am to 7:30pm. I recommend going there around sunset for golden tones.

Fees: $1.50 per person to access the park.

Kristelle Boulos holding camera in Miramar Pineland Park

Wild Patch Behind the Miccosukee Casino & Resort

The location: This place looks like somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the midwest.  

The time: I recommend going there around sunset for golden tones.

Fees: Free parking at the casino, and it’s accessible from there

Miami Family Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The location: If you want a Bridgerton-esque experience and have a fare with European estates, this is the perfect place for you. The water-facing villa is replete with plants and winding gardens and stone structures that take you back to the Gilded Age. Waterfalls, sloping stone steps, stained glass, and statue-filled courtyards provide multiple options for capturing a love session.   

The time: Daily (except Tuesdays) from 9:30am to 4:30pm. 

Fees: Permit is $250 + tax (week day) / $350 + tax (weekend) up to 5 people (including a photographer). Premium sunrise access available for $450 + tax.

Vizcaya Wedding by Kristelle Boulos

Worth Avenue, West Palm Beach

The location: If you’re looking for a historic neighborhood with lots of beautiful mediterranean architecture including arches, columns, fountains, grand staircases, colorful tiles, and walking distance from a beach, then this place if for you!

The time: I recommend going there sometime in the morning or late afternoon.

Fees: No fees. Street parking available.

Worth Avenue West Palm Beach Florida Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos


Your Place

Perhaps there’s no more perfect place to capture your love than the four walls of your home. Capturing in-home sessions has been a staple of my work and I still find it as special as ever. If you want to learn more, check out my blog post with ten reasons for doing a couple photoshoot at home

Home Engagement Photoshoot by Kristelle Boulos

AirBnB  / Studio

If you’re not local to Miami or you don’t want to shoot at your place, renting an AirBnB or studio by the hour is a great alternative. Peerspace is a great resource to look for studios!

NYE Engagement photoshoot Miami by Kristelle Boulos

Once you choose a location, you can think of how to personalize your session to make it even more unique! Check out my blog post about how to personalize your in-home couple session as a starting point (these tips can be applied for an outdoor session, too).

If you’re a couple and would like to book a unique couple session with me to capture a collection of unique and meaningful photographs that represent your love, INQUIRE HERE!

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