Everything You Need to Know About the Day-After Photoshoots

June 29, 2022

Kristelle Boulos


Tulum Destination Wedding Trash The Dress Cenote Underwater

Also known as “trash-the-dress”, post-wedding photo sessions are an opportunity to savor the magic of your special day again. The wedding day flies by so quickly, and a day-after shoot is a chance to enjoy between the two of you, intimately and without the pressure of an impending ceremony. If you have a destination wedding, even more so!—booking a day-after photoshoot is a great way to take advantage of the travel and create more memories in a different location than your wedding venue. With that, here’s a compilation of everything you need to know about the day-after photoshoots.

A Few Things to Note…

No rules = Unique photos.

  • Many of us end up making some compromises on our wedding day. For instance, a lot of time may be spent setting up must-have shots with family, the wedding party, and first look. Before you know it, it’s time to get married! The day-after photoshoot, however, has no rules! Anything goes. From diving into a pool, to drinking beer in a hammock, or playing darts in your wedding attire—whatever you want! The post-wedding photo session can truly be all about you, and you have the freedom to create without worrying about ruining the dress.

Wear the wedding dress again.

  • This time, though, you don’t have to worry about preserving it perfectly for the wedding. It’s like that quote from Fight Club, “I felt like destroying something beautiful.” There is beauty in the ephemeral and in letting go. The day-after photoshoot is a great way to let it go, get comfortable, and get the best out of your dress—a second time.

Wear a different dress.

  • As I said, the rules for day-after photoshoot are your rules. So, you can wear a different dress than your wedding gown, if you want. In this session you can create a totally different look than what you had on your wedding day in terms of hairstyle, makeup, outfit, and location. Revisit your Pinterest inspiration board to incorporate something else you really wanted!

Enjoy without stress.

  • The day-after shoot is a blissful time. You just married your love, and the wedding is over; the pressure of all those months of planning has ended. Here’s an opportunity to enjoy and capture your marital bliss with a fun twist and without the logistics of a wedding day on the horizon. 

Be adventurous.

  • Arcade? Jumping in a cenote? Soccer? There are no rules to staging your day-after shoot. Maybe it’s an activity you and your love have always enjoyed and you want to memorialize it in your wedding attire. Or perhaps it’s something you’ve always been afraid to try, but you have the perfect location for it. Literally, anything goes!

Get back-up photos.

  • Practically speaking, day-after shoots can also function as a good back-up plan for your wedding day. This is in case there was a problem with the timeline, or if it rained and we couldn’t take the portraits where you would have preferred taking them.

Have it whenever.

  • Despite its name, the day-after shoot doesn’t have to happen right after your wedding day (you might be too tired or busy). There are options, and you could even do it as an anniversary session (that’s what we did for ours!).
Tulum Destination Wedding Trash The Dress Cenote

I love day-after photoshoots. Whether they’re a day, a month, or a year after your special day, they are a special way to capture marital bliss at its freshest. They allow me to share and create a fun, unique, and intimate experience with couples in a stress-free environment. 

If you’re a couple and would like to book a unique couple session with me to capture a collection of unique and meaningful photographs that represent your love, INQUIRE HERE!

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