Personalize Your In-Home Photo Session

January 16, 2022

Kristelle Boulos


In-home couple session of woman playing with her wifes hair

I’ve been shooting more in-home photo sessions than ever before. I think the reason for that is because, at home… 1. You’re comfortable, 2. It’s private and, 3. You can make it uniquely YOU. You can read more about why you should have an in-home session, but for now let’s focus on how to personalize your in-home photo session with some tips below. ❤️

⚡️ Add a “special thing” to do during your session. This can be an activity you love sharing with your significant other, such as board games, baking, cuddling, etc.

⚡️ Choose a photographer that you trust.

⚡️ Include a detail you both like.

⚡️ Play your favorite songs, and dance like no one is watching.

⚡️ Incorporate your routine! If that’s drinking coffee together on the couch, do that.

⚡️ Come as you are. ❤️ 

In-home sessions are more than just 2D images that are taken inside of your home. They are meant to show all of who you are—the messiness, the beauty, the love. The outcome? Memory capsules that take you back to feel all of the feels.

If you enjoyed these tips on how to personalize your in-home photo session and you would like to book a couple session with me to capture a collection of meaningful photographs, INQUIRE HERE!

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