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Ever wonder what a micro wedding is? Interested in having one? Go no further than Sophia Benitez-Levy. Small, intimate weddings are the specialty of this Miami-based wedding planner and designer. Benitez-Levy is the owner, lead planner, and “multitasker” of Micro Miami. The goal? To make sure people feel enamored with their choices in wedding planning, […]

Tulum Destination Wedding Trash The Dress Cenote Underwater

Also known as “trash-the-dress”, post-wedding photo sessions are an opportunity to savor the magic of your special day again. The wedding day flies by so quickly, and a day-after shoot is a chance to enjoy between the two of you, intimately and without the pressure of an impending ceremony. If you have a destination wedding, […]

Tulum Destination Wedding - Couple sitting and kissing in a beach dune in Tulum, Mexico Sian Ka'an

When I got the opportunity to shoot this magical Tulum destination wedding, I was filled with inspiration. Each destination wedding is a chance to embrace a cultural pocket of our big, beautiful world and the people in it. In order to authentically capture a location, it’s important to get immersed in its essence, which is […]

A couple bathing in a bathtub and eating a strawberry

Why the five love languages? One of the keys to successfully capturing a deep connection between a couple is to make their love come alive as if no one was in the room. That requires tapping into the intimacy of their souls and feelings for one another. While people might be shy at first, I […]

Tulum Destination Wedding

Maybe you love to travel, explore, and learn about new places. Perhaps you want to highlight your cultural roots, your partner’s roots, or the union of both of your cultures. Or, it’s the place where you fell in love, and you want to go back and get married there. Whatever the reason, taking yourself (and your […]

Kristelle Boulos holding camera

When I first started getting into photography, I believe I’m not alone when I say that thinking about allllll of the gear and the software I needed to use on top of the books I had to read… they all just felt completely DAUNTING. I wanted to make it a point that once I figured […]

⚡️1. Have deep, meaningful conversations. If you feel like they don’t occur naturally, there are cool journals and prompt cards that can help initiate the conversations.  ⚡️ 2. Make time for each other. Schedule date times, just like you do for other important things. Your relationship should not be “the leftover of the day”. ⚡️ […]

In-home couple session of woman playing with her wifes hair

I’ve been shooting more in-home photo sessions than ever before. I think the reason for that is because, at home… 1. You’re comfortable, 2. It’s private and, 3. You can make it uniquely YOU. You can read more about why you should have an in-home session, but for now let’s focus on how to personalize […]

Nothing makes me happier than couples who want to take their engagement photos at home. Not going after epic “instagrammable” backdrops, but places of significance. I’ve been shooting more and more in-home sessions recently. I think the reason for that is, of course, the state of the world, but also, it takes the pressure off […]

Married Couple Walking Away

My now-husband Adrián and I planned the wedding of our dreams together. From the initial planning stages to the day of, each detail was carried out with love and complete dedication. I want to take you on my journey of all the details of how to get your destination wedding planning done, and done right! […]